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Meet Evanni Solei

Evanni Solei is a quiet girl hailing from Dallas, but don't let the shy demeanor fool you: when you see her smooth pale size 7.5 soles, her massive 36D's and her perfect round ass, you know right away that this girl is built for speed! Indeed, a good way to get her started is by properly worshiping her glorious posterior. Her pretty toes are painted up just like a Gaza Zebra, and they are no strangers to foot fetish. Her ex-boyfriend liked to run his cock all over her feet. If you want to make sure you get a return engagement with this beautiful babe and her feet, make sure you take your time and remember to please her. She's the kind of girl who needs considerable attention, but in the end she's worth every bit of the work!

Evanni Solei Living Photos

Evanni gets those smooth soles up in the air and lets us ponder the meaning of true happiness while she tells us about her tattoo and how she'd like to fix it up. It gets hard to concentrate, though, when all you can see are her smooth soles, long toes and creamy brown skin. While she's never given a footjob, she happily demonstrates an approximation of her technique should the need ever arise! The saddest part of this tale is when she confesses to us that she only masturbates twice a month - this, foot lovers, is a crime against nature that needs to be solved immediately!

Evanni Solei Shoe Dangle

Evanni sits quietly on the edge of the bed, lost in thought as she reads. Precariously balanced on the end of her elegant foot is a red shoe; the mystery here is when will the shoe drop? She bounces her foot anxiously, up and down; still, the shoe dangles. When the shoe finally loses its fight and falls to the floor, we're left with the vision of Evanni's beautiful feet: long, slender and creamy, they will not be soon forgotten!

Evanni Solei Masturbation

As previously mentioned, Evanni Solei is a quiet girl, and she has simple needs. She doesn't need a dildo in her pussy to get off and she doesn't need a high-powered plug-in vibrator. She gets her orgasms the old-fashioned way, by using her fingers. She starts with her ass up and face in the pillow, but quickly turns over so she can comfortably get her sweet feet in the air while she stirs her soup. It takes all of her concentration, but once the feeling starts to flow, her excited toes curl up in anticipation while her orgasm wrinkles up her smooth soles!

Evanni Solei Hardcore

After a long concert spent dancing on stage, all pop star Evanni Solei wants to do is relax. But her new security guard, Evan, won't be happy until he knows they're safe and alone. Once the site is secure, Evanni tells her new security guard what she really needs: a nice foot massage to ease her aching size 7.5 arches. Evan has to do what she tells him, of course; it's his job, after all! What he didn't expect was her willingness to indulge his affinity for feet. She lets him apply a saliva-based moisturizer with his tongue, and soon can't help but try to get her feet all over his quickly stiffening cock. She unleashes her bountiful 36D tits while applying her tootsies to his tool. She has her needs, too, and Evan is more than happy to bury his bone in her wet pussy. Evanni hops on top, but lets her security guard take care of all the work. She quickly squeals with delight as his pounding induces a toe-curling orgasm from the young star. She may seem quiet, but she comes alive when the cock is put to her correctly. Evan, no longer able to contain himself, unleashes a stream of spunk across her eager toes. Mission accomplished!

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