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Roomate Found Out
So I live in a house me and my sister are renting with other people living here. There is this one girl that has the most beautiful feet. Lets just call her Sarah. Whenever she goes barefoot around the house I cant help but to take a few glances I even snuck a video once. This is where my fantasy begins. It was me and Sarah home alone, I was sitting on the couch in the living room when Sarah comes up and sits on the other end of the couch barefoot and chris cross. I got a slight erection. She then sparks up and asks if I wanted to play truth or dare. I said sure and turn to her chris cross hid... read more

Ticklish Sandaled Feet
One day a new girl coming to the office wore sandals, and boy, she was gorgeous! So I got to know her over the next couple of weeks. It was warm outside during that time, and every day she'd wear the same sandals. Well, I had to know if her feet were ticklish, so one day I got the courage to go into her office to talk. I asked about her sandals, and she told me that she had bought them for a company party where she used to work. Sadly, I didn't have the courage to say anything more. Near the end of the sandal season, I woke up to check the weather, and was happy to see that it was going to b... read more

Not actually fiction but I thought I'd contribute my only story I have of when a non-girlfriend indulged me in my fetish. I was about 21 when I started temping in an office in the UK doing market research over the phone. It was literally me and a whole office full of women ranging from about 35 to 55. As we didin't have to deal with anybody face-to-face we were allowed to wear whatever we wanted - it was a foot fetishist's dream, the girls would make calls with their feet on the desk displaying their soles in tights and barefoot which I would try my hardest to not be too obvious about gawping... read more

Maple syrup and toes!
I went the local supermarket in London.I go there to purchase my food, after the late shift at hospital.the time was 1:00 am.the store was quiet and boring,few customers.I went to the canned food isle,when someone tapped my shoulder.I turned to see who it was a blonde girl,wearing a blue shirt,black liquid leggings and sandals.her toenails were painted black.she whispered hello mate.I thought this girl was too hot!, her face was like Avril lavigne.oh wow but her ass was so nice and round in those liquid tights my goodness! but the most amazing thing was her yummy feet and toes! so pink ... read more

Dress for success day
when i was in college every wednesday was dress for success day. that meaned if you wanted to you wore buisness clothes to class as if you were going to work or an interview. this was one of my favorite days to go to class because most the girls wore dresses, skirts, nylons & heels.. a foot mans dream day in a college that was 75% female.this wednesday i was done with class and went to the computer lab to e-mail friends back home in atlanta when a friend of mine from augusta walked in the lab beverly.. a tall slim girl with legs for days. i always thought see was so cute and she look amazing t... read more

Lil' Pop Star in Trouble..
This is Real Talk! I'm a producer out of Atlanta GA with my studio in my apt in Decatur. I'm 27 years old and I work with this one 19yr girl named PMF who is a sexy little redbone 5'2" 100 pound spinner with these nice tattoos all over her body. My favorite on is the heart with a flower in it on her left foot. I always sneak peaks at it when we out doing shows and she is wearing these super high leather black heels. Well one day out the blue I get this call from her crying so I was like whats up? She begain to tell me how she had spend all her money unwisely and was short on her rent by $200.I... read more

Ann Marie toes part 2
Ann Marie then place her bare feet on my face! Making me smell here toe cheese!mmmm I was her slave forever now.Ann Marie then said, put both of my big toes in your mouth bitch! I did as she do they taste bitch! I said good goddess! She began to laugh again.I like that goddess,sounds good!now lick the bottoms of my soles while, I suck on this Lilly pop like your licking my feet!she then opened up a lolly pop and began sucking on it. slow then sucking fast.then she then looked at me and said (suck my feet like this lolly pop,fast then slow!) Yess goddess I said.then she quickly ... read more

Ann Marie's toes
As dean at the high job is to make sure these young adults(mainly seniors)stay in line! The seniors are loud and noisy.the girls are the worst! the ones that are 18 and on there way to fuck up some teachers day up by talking back. or giving them attitude.while walking down the hallway I saw a big group or seniors guys and girls.I yelled at them LET'S CLEAR THE HALL PEOPLE! Most did but I heard a voice as I turn from them.the voice said yes miss bitch.the word BITCH stop me i'm my tracks.because I'm 5'4(and I look like actress Amy Adams )and in high school people using that name made... read more

The Perfect New England Eve
I had been spending some time away from home--possibly for enlightenment of some kind, but more or less to embrace freedom--when I had found myself in a strange, new environment. The city was unfamiliar to me, but I managed to find my way around the outskirts of it without much trouble. With my mind astray, I took a walk through the local Target for some new clothes, as the warm New England summer evening was coming to a chilly end, and I had been ill-prepared for days. When I left the store, after buying my weight in new jeans, shirts and jackets, I caught sight of a young woman attemptin... read more

African lesbian foot love
I am a lesbian and one of my fantasies is having sex with a Gambian friend of mine and her younger teen sister. Most people would say that her sister is too young. Many would call me crazy for even thinking sexually about her. If you would see her budding titties and small, soft, round booty, you would also see the contrast of her appearence to the look in her eyes, which signals undisputably horny thoughts. I picture seeing them in a room without them seeing me, and I see them sitting embracing, and then they start french-kissing. The sister takes my friend's foot and starts licking between ... read more

Lexi's toes
I worked part time at a video store.I wasn't old enough to work full time because I was still in high school.when they hired this new girl named lexi! she was aggorant,lazy and all ways did what she wanted.she was so cute she was 5,4 inches tall big breast about c.long dark hair and fair skin.all the guys did what ever she wanted even are boss mr jones!I always wanted to know why? So one day I followed this sexy goodess to back strorage area.when I went back there she was talking in that mean voice of hers.suck my toes mr Jones! Mr jones was on his knee's.!she was sitting on a soft chair.she s... read more

Sleeping Foot Fun-True Story
For a couple of years during college I shared an apartment with a guy named Donny. Donny had a girlfriend named Lupe. Lupe and I bumped heads right from the start. She was a petite little thing who stood barely 5'2 and weighed about 110lbs. Unfortunately she ate like a sumo wrestler on a binge. Not once did she ever buy groceries or even offer to buy dinner. She practically lived in the apartment with us and never shared the rent or the utilities. She was a user and I told her so several times. As much as I hated her guts I have to admit to one thing. She had a pair of the hottest feet I had e... read more

Ever Get a Pedicure?
I do - at a Thai nail salon here in Hollywood. As you should know being that you are on this site, the best public place to enjoy feet is the nail salon, and the BEST feet are here in Hollywood. Sure it takes a few trips to get the courage to walk in and get a pedicure, but you will find its the BEST $20 you can spend. Not only are you seeing all these hot feet - BUT you're also getting a nice foot rub yourself. If you play it right, its a great place to pick up girls too... You are now behind enemy lines, and with a free pass! Trust me - try it.... read more

Random act of kindness
It all starts at the courthouse. We were in the same courtroom. She had on thigh-highs, black with the line down the backside, and re-enforced toes and heels. How do I know? I was looking for over 5 hours, the heels she was wearing slipping off one foot, crossing the other leg and slipping off the other. She was there for public nudity. I could sense her nervousness from the moment our eyes met. She must have left the courtroom 10 times walking back and forth trembling with fear. My court case was over so I stayed to watch hers. She got off on a technicality and frantically left the ro... read more

A Non-Fiction Tale
This was an eventfull day. I had to go to court to take care of a ticket. As I was leaving I saw this stripper looking chick smoking a cigarette outside with her friend. So I go towards my car and the stripper looks at me and says hey cutie! I reply hey yourself good looking what are you up to? She says she is waiting for her ride but he's not answering the phone and she feels she's stuck. I tell her my car is there on the corner and if she needs a ride. And man I was looking good because I had just got my BMW washed. So when her and her friend hoped in my car I looked like the man. She told m... read more

SUCH a Bad Decision
Wooooow... remember Nate? That guy from media that asked me out? WTFFFFF HE BROUGHT ME TO A FOOT FETISH CLUB LAST NIGHT!! Yeah. A foot fetish club. Argh. 

=/ The night started off so well too... we went to this high-end sushi place called Sushi Samba. He told me to wear red because it's apparently a secret rule about that restaurant... anyway so we met up, ate, and had a generally good time. He's really funny, and as coincidence would have it he grew up in a town 15 minutes away from where my family lives. On to the freaky part... 
So we leave the restaurant and just kinda... read more

Foot Patrol
Tina walks to her car and gets in Meet Tina. A young woman out for kicks. Big kicks. Kicks so big she didn’t care what laws she had to break to get them. What kind of sick kicks was Tina out for today? Tina was going for a drive. In her bare kickin’ feet. Pedal pushing sequence Tina loved driving barefoot. Because that’s the kind of girl she was. Impudent. Reckless. Uninhibited. (Pause) Tina loved the feeling of her bare soles against the hard rubber of the accelerator. The grooves of it tickled her sensitive foot bottoms. It turned her on. And the more turned on she got, th... read more

As the Worm Turns
Lustful close-ups of a beautiful therapist wearing open-toed shoes What’s in a word? Take this one, for example: “Therapist.” Break it in two, and what do you get? “The Rapist.” This wasn’t news to Dr. Feelgood. She’d already made that connection. Because that’s where Dr. Feelgood’s mind was. In the gutter. Down in the depths. Down and dirty. That’s where she lived. Lustful close-ups of a beautiful young patient wearing skirt, stockings & shoes Dr. Feelgood’s favorite patients were the girls. The young girls. But not too ... read more

Lord of the Ring
Blackness There once was a man. A wicked man. A man with a soul blacker than coal. Blacker than a black widow spider. Blacker than the inside of a lens cap. A hand takes the lens cap off and we see through the camera’s POV. The Cameraman’s hand takes a ring from an ornate box, holds it up to the light, then stuffs it in his pocket. He wasn’t always a wicked man. Once he was a common, everyday sinner. But then he found the ring, and his soul went down the toilet. It was a magic ring. An evil ring. A ring with the power to enslave anyone who put it on her finger. Nobody knew w... read more

A Footjob at the Circus
The walls were yellow and the floors were red. I knew if i made one wrong move I'd be dead. She had razor blades on her toenails, but soles so soft... how could I resist her offer to jerk me off???... read more